Privacy Policy

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The San Germán Campus of Inter American University of Puerto Rico is committed in complying with the laws and regulations that govern confidentiality of information, thus protecting that information according to its classification and value.  The policy on disclosure of students’ academic information  is included in the University’s General and Graduate Catalogs, and in the Institution’s normative documents:  Institutional Policy for Appropriate Use of Information Technology, Computer Information Systems, and Telecommunications; Inter American University of Puerto Rico Policy Regarding Student and Alumni Directory; Guides, Norms and Procedures for the Protection of Consumer Information.

The Campus privacy policy is also in accordance with international, federal, and state laws related to privacy and confidentiality of information, including the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (1986), FERPA (1974) as amended, 20 U.S.C. 1232G, established regulations under 34 C.F.R., section 99; Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); and regulations of the Federal Communication Commission.

The Campus will strive to manage all student and employee information in an ethical and legal way, using such information only for an academic or work purpose.  To guarantee the confidentiality of information, the University’s information systems provide strict security protocols to limit the authorization to information modules, and limit accessibility.

The Campus, as well as the University, respects the privacy of all users of its technological resources, but reserves the right to monitor such resources should there arise any suspicion that suggest the violation of University’s policies and regulations or international, federal or state laws; or in case of an emergency or threat to the security and integrity of the Campus computer systems.

This policy is based on Normative Document I-1209-006 – Confidentiality of Information Norms.