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Information for Completing Incoming Student Paperwork

Please return all paper work to:           Ricardo Lopes
                                                               Estudios Internacionales
                                                               Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
                                                               P.O. Box 5100
                                                               San Germán, PR 00683-9801



1.      IAUPR Application for Admission Form (undergraduate)-

         IAUPR Graduate Application for Admission Form ( Graduate)

 Please open the link to the application, print it, fill it out and get it ready to be sent. Please take in consideration that this form like others on this website are in PDF format, which can be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download it for free at

  • Please enclose a copy of your Social Security card with your IAU Admission form.

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2.      Financial Aid

 All students need to request financial aid online. Only those who will pay tuition at IAUPR - San Germán can apply for financial aid from our campus, everyone else must request financial aid from their home campus. Nevertheless, all students need to include both institutional codes on the FAFSA application.

       Free Application for Federal Student Aid

        Please fill out the FAFSA form on the internet. The address is the following:

        When doing so, please remember to put our university code so that the record is sent automatically to our campus. Our campus code is: 017202 You should leave your home institution code on the application also.

                   Income Evidence (Dependent or Independent.) 

Bring with you when you come to Puerto Rico, any evidence of income of yourself if you are independent, or of your parents if you are dependent. This could be tax form of your parents of last year, and all other types of income your family has.

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3.      Application Form (Incoming)

Please fill out this form as it is used for office purposes and send it along with all other forms filled out.

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4.      Residence Halls Application – It is Mandatory that you live in the Campus Residence Halls

The residence Halls have private bathrooms in all bedrooms and include kitchens and recreation areas for the use of its residents. See pictures of the dorms

Please send ALL documents necessary for application to the Residence Halls directly to our office, including:

(1)   Housing Deposit of $25 (non refundable),

payable to: Inter American University of Puerto Rico

(2)   Letter of recommendation addressed to the Residence Hall manager

(3)   Four passport size pictures

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5.      Registration Process

    Fill the Registration Form attached to the Application Form using the class schedule.

To access the class schedule follow the following steps: (Method 1 usually takes longer to be available.)

Method 1:

1.   Click on the class schedules link →   Class Schedules

2.   Scroll down to the bottom of that page to find where it says:
If you want the fall semester you need to find: "Primer Semestre: Agosto - Diciembre 2011 (2012-10)"; If you want the spring semester you need to find: "Segundo Semestre: Enero - Mayo 2012 (2012-30)"
If you want the June 2011 summer term you need to find: "Sesión de Verano: Junio 2011 (2011-50)";
If you want the July 2011 summer term you need to find: "Sesión de Verano Julio 2011 (2012-04)"
and click on: "
Programa Regular (Certificado, Asociado y Bachillerato)".

To view the whole schedule, click on: "Todo el programa de clases", or to look up by department and subject, look for the appropriate link further down that page.

 If you need to see the description of a particular class, you can look it up in the catalog which you can also find a link below.

  Method 2:

1. Click on the class schedules link:    Class Schedules

2. Select “Semester Aug-Dec 2011” from the drop down menu for the fall semester or
"Semester Jan-May 2012" for the Spring semester. If you want to look up classes for summer, you need to select "Summer June 2011" or "Summer July 2011".

3. a. Select from the subject line the area of study you want to look for classes.

    b. Select San Germán from the Campus drop down menu

    c. Hit Class Search at the bottom of the page.

4. Once a list of classes show up such as the example below, you are to look at the schedules times and if you want a section, then you need to copy the information at the top. In the example below, the section number  is 26817 and the course is GESP 1021 and its title is Basic Skills Spanish Sec. Lang.

Sections Found


Associated Term: SEMESTER AUG-DEC 2006
Registration Dates:
13 Mar, 2006 to 16 Dec, 2006
Attributes: San German-UNDERGRADUATE

San German Campus
Lecture Schedule Type
3.000 Credits
View Catalog Entry

Scheduled Meeting Times





Date Range

Schedule Type



12:00 pm - 1:20 pm


Campus SchoolS.G. 005A

14 Aug, 2006 - 16 Dec, 2006














5. Please note that there are different subjects, so make sure you look through them in order to find the appropriate classes you need.

6.  The last Digit at the end of the title will tell you if a class is taught in spanish, english, by web or a Lab.
0 is a class taught in Spanish, E is a class taught in English, W is a class taught by the web and L is a Lab.

7. If you need to see the description of a particular class, you can look it up in the catalog following the appropriate link below.

Catalogs:       Undergraduate English 11/13      Graduate English 11/13

Catalogos:       Subgraduado Español 11/13      Graduado Español 11/13


Select the courses that you would like to take at IAUPR-SG (Inter American University- San German).  Your academic advisor will help you with this task.  Send your course selection to IAUPR-SG as soon as possible.

 When selecting the courses, be sure that you meet the prerequisites, if any.  In addition, please keep in the mind that some courses require that you enroll in Laboratory, for example, biology, chemistry, photography, etc. Please be sure that you have chosen your schedule according to your needs and expectation.  (You may have to pay to IAU for the required labs.)

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6.  Travel Arrangements

Please see the Arrival Notice page for dates and flight information, then fill out the Arrival Note with your itinerary so that we can make the proper transportation arrangements to pick you up at the airport.

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7.   Immunization Records

  • If you are under 21 years of age, you are required to send a copy of your Immunization records.
  • Make sure that it's the immunization records, NOT HEALTH RECORDS!!!
  • You need to send copy of the following immunization records:
    • 3 DTP (TD)
    • 2 Polio (TOPV-IPV)
    • 2 MMR (Sarampion Comun - Sarampion Aleman - Paperas)
    • First dosis of MMR must be after first year of birth
    • 3 Hepatitis B
    • The last TD shot must be taken less than 10 years ago

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    8.   Other Documents Required

    • Official Transcript from Home Campus

    • 2 Letters of reference - should be from professors who have taught classes to you

    • Health Insurance- According to University policy, all exchange students need health insurance that covers in Puerto Rico. You can bring your own insurance as long as you submit proof that it covers in Puerto Rico and not through reimbursement. You can ask your local travel agent about insurance coverage for the duration of the trip. If you are unable to get insurance that covers in Puerto Rico, there are several companies in Puerto Rico that you can get insurance from.

    • Promissory Note - This form is to be filled out completely. It's purpose is guarantee any debt you might have now or anytime during the course of the semester. Everyone needs to fill it out regardless of payment options.

    • Statement of Purpose - Write a short essay stating the purpose of the exchange and what made you choose Inter American University of Puerto Rico as part of your choices.

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    If you have many things to bring, you may send boxes to the University by mail.  You can mail them to our address listed at the end of this page.  Most students, after arrival, need to go to the store to buy items such as a toiletries, bed linen (sheets, pillow cases, and pillow)….

     Payments may be made by Check, Travelers Check, Visa, Master Card or ATM.

     For information on Puerto Rico, you may want to access the following Internet addresses:, and

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    Apart from the regular documents which need to be filled out, if you're NOT a Permanent Resident or a US Citizen you must fill out additional documents to prepare the acceptance and be able to apply for the visa at a US Embassy or US Consulate.

    The following documents need to be filled out:

    • Copy of the passport. Copia del pasaporte.

    • Verification of Financial Capability signed and sealed by a public notary. (Firmado y sellado por un notario publico.)

    • 2 bank letters stating that the sponsor has sufficient funds to maintain the student. (2 cartas bancarias indicando que el patrocinador del estudiante tiene suficiente fondos para mantener al estudiante).

    • A sworn certification from the person who is responsible of all the student expenses. It must say that the person has the necessary amount of funds to cover the cost of studies. (Una Certificación jurada de la persona que es responsable de los gastos del estudiante. Esta debe decir que tiene la cantidad necesaria de dinero para poder sufragar los costos de los estudios del estudiante.)

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    Please make sure that you have all of these documents to be sent to our office.


    • Application Form for the Program (NSE)

    • IAU Application for Admission Form (No Fee Required)

    • Residence Halls Application and Fee

    • Letter of Reference for the Residence Hall

    • Two Confidential Letters of Reference

    • Statement of Purpose

    • Promissory Note

    • Proof of valid Health Insurance in Puerto Rico

    • Arrival Note

    • Official Transcript form Home Campus

    • Immunization Record (Not health records!!)

    • Four Passport size Pictures

    • Copy of Social Security Card

    • Housing Deposit Fee ($25.00)

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    13.  OUR ADDRESS:

    Ricardo Lopes
    Inter American University of Puerto Rico
    NSE & International Studies Program
    P O Box 5100
    San German, PR  00683-9801

    Telephone:  (787) 264-1912 ext. 7299, 7280, 7201
    Fax:             (787) 264-0406



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