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Dr. Angel Archilla Cabrera and Eunice White Harris

There are two dorms at Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San Germán Campus. Dr. Angel Archilla Cabrera is the male dorm and Eunice White Harris is the female dorm. The dorms are not coed.

Archilla Front entrance Archilla Lobby The entrance and lobby of the male dorm, Dr. Angel Archilla Cabrera.

White Harris Lobby. White Harris Lobby The lobby area of the female dorm, Eunice White Harris.

Recreation areas Recreation areas Both dorms have recreation areas for the students to enjoy their free time.

Kitchen Kitchen Both dorms have several kitchens for their residents to cook their own meals.

Bathroom area Bathroom area. All bedrooms have their own individual bathrooms which separate the bed area from the study area.

Bed area Study area. All bedrooms have a bed area which has individual beds, chest drawer and closets. The study area has individual desks where students can organize their belongings.

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