Information for Completing Incoming Student Paperwork

  1. Admission Forms

  2. Financial Aid

    All students need to request financial aid online. Only those who will pay tuition at IAUPR - San Germán can apply for financial aid from our campus, everyone else must request financial aid from their home campus. Nevertheless, all students need to include both institutional codes on the FAFSA application.

    Please fill out the FAFSA form on the internet. The address is the following:

    When doing so, please remember to put our university code so that the record is sent automatically to our campus. Our campus code is: 017202, you should leave your home institution code on the application also.

    Bring with you when you come to Puerto Rico, any evidence of income of yourself if you are independent, or of your parents if you are dependent. This could be tax form of your parents of last year, and all other types of income your family has.

  3. NSE Program Form

    Please fill out this form as it is used for office purposes and send it along with all other forms filled out.