Revolving Schedule

Schedule for 2021-2023

August – December, 2021
ENGL 6090 Reading in a Second Language
ENGL 5240 Teaching Writing in the Classroom to Students of English (ELLS)
ENGL 6180 Use of Technology in the TESOL (distributive)
January – May 18 2022
ENGL 6170 Assessment and Evaluation of Linguistic Abilities
ENGL 5040 English Phonology
ENGL **** (one distributive to be announced)
June 2022
ENGL 6113 Materials and Techniques for Teaching English to Students
August-December 2022
ENGL 5220 Academic Text Writing
ENGL 5050 Morphology and Syntax
ENGL **** (one distributive to be announced)

Descriptions of the courses can be found in the Graduate Catalog (English version). Some classes maybe offered online