Independent Research Project

Exit Option:  

For the Independent Research Project, students will take a three-credit (3) course where they will carry out a Research Project. Throughout this Project, students will demonstrate their capability to interpret and integrate theoretical concepts for the practical solution of problems related to their field of studies. Students will have up to one consecutive academic year to complete their Project. The student will receive a semester grade of Pass (P) or Not Pass (NP) or Project in Progress (PP).

An Independent Research Project in the field of TESL may be an analytical article (review of secondary literature) or an actual study.  Students must consult a professor about doing this project. The Graduate Coordinator is happy to suggest potential professors. Any study involving human subjects must have permission from the IRB and students should allow two to three months to obtain permission.

Students need to have already completed the Research Methods course for this option.  This Project requires payment of an additional course (usually not covered by the Dept. of Ed.) and a further payment of $19 if the student does not finish the Project in the first semester.