Admission TESL

Send your application packet to:

Inter American University of Puerto Rico
PO Box 5100
San German, Puerto Rico 00683

If you need to contact the office by phone, call (787) 264-1912,  Exts. 7282, 7283, and 7284. The application packet should include the following:

You can apply to our program online. To do so, follow the link below. You will need to upload the following documentation:

  1. Online Application form (you will need to create an account)
  2. Two letters of recommendation
  3. A short essay called Statement of Purpose (500 words)
  4. Photocopy of Social Security card
  5. Photocopy of picture ID
  6. Application fee of $31.00
  7. Official Transcripts

Please request that the registrars of colleges previously attended  send transcripts directly to the Admissions Office.

Transcripts and the applications for admission should be received at least one month prior to the  registration date deadline. However, if you think that they can take longer, please contact the program coordinator at

Send application packet by : Date you plan to start:
Mid-June August
Mid-November January
Mid-April June
Mid-May July

Academic Requirements for Admission

To be considered for admission, you must comply with the following  institutional requirements:

  1. You must have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution.
  2. You must have a grade point average of 2.50 or better in the last sixty credit hours of academic work (at the undergraduate level or a combination of undergraduate and graduate credits if you already have a graduate degree from a recognized university). If you are an international student, your transcript must show specific subjects taken and the grade earned in each. If grades are expressed in other than the American system (A, B, C, D, F), a statement from the school must accompany the transcript showing the conversion of that grading system to the American system. If not, you must employ the services of an organization that specializes in converting grade systems.

In addition to the institutional requirements, as an applicant for  admission to the TESL program, you must demonstrate you have a firm  phonological and structural command of English. You should demonstrate this  command either by:

  1. Written English Skills Assessment: Applicants are required to submit a Statement of Purpose that is double-spaced and approximately 500 words in length.
  2. Oral English Skills Assessment Conversation with the Program Coordinator by telephone or in person.

Admission of Foreign Students

If you hold a passport other  than US, you should start the process of getting a visa in your own country. If  you are approved for admission, the Admissions Office fills out the I-20 Form A from the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which enables you to obtain a student visa. Also, we are in the process of putting our courses online.  You may apply to begin the program as an online student at first and then come to the campus during  the summers or during a later semester.

Admission Transfer Students

Your application for admission as a transfer student will be considered if you meet the conditions for admission to the program. You should request that the university where you studied send   a copy of your transcript directly to the Admissions Office of the Graduate Studies Center. Not more than 9 credits will be accepted for transfer, and only if the grades achieved are “A” or “B” and if the courses are considered comparable to those offered in this program and meet department requirements. (Credits from a completed Master’s Degree will not be accepted.) These determinations will be made by the Program Cordinator and will be subject to approval of the Dean of Academic Affairs. Academic work taken more than ten years prior to admission will not be considered for transfer credit.

Graduate Program Admission Application form

Inter American University of Puerto Rico
PO Box 5100
San Germán, PR 00683-9801